VR Rehearse & Perform ready for a sneak preview!

Three months into our InnovateUK funded project and our VR Rehearse & Perform platform is ready for a sneak preview. Press release by our partner the Royal College of Music to follow shortly and this is a link to more photos and videos.

Our covid-19 innovation is helping performers rehearse as if in a real Concert Hall, with the acoustics of the real venues. Audiences can enjoy performances in iconic venues in Virtual Reality. If you are a musician or performer with an oculus quest VR headset, we ‘d love to have you test it. Get in touch! 

We scanned the Amaryllis Fleming Concert Hall of the Royal College of Music using LIDAR scanning and developed an accurate 3D model for VR. We also scanned the Concert Hall acoustically and integrated the acoustic model with the 3D model in the VR. We used Imperial College London’s state-of-the-art binaural 3DTI system and developed a Unity plug-in that renders any audio source with the acoustics of the real space. This adds accurate reverberation and audio spatialisation from the location of the audience or the performer. this creates a stronger sense of immersion and presence to benefit musicians and audiences alike. We also developed hand-tracking and a hand-gesture user interface, to reduce the need for cumbersome VR controllers. This makes it easy and more intuitive to interact with the system for easier adoption by musicians and performers.

Thank you to our partners Terry Clark and Lorenzo Picinali, my amazing team Sophia Ppali, Hannah Stewart, Ragnar Hrafnkelsson and the great musicians and performers that joined us in this innovation journey. 

I feel fortunate to be working with some very talented people, turning ideas and creative technology into something useful for society. Winning awards in the process adds to the fun! 

Dr. Vali Lalioti, Founder & Director



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