VR Rehearse & perform
Creating sustainable virtual solutions for performers and venues

Richard Navarro

Composer/ Producer/ Vocalist/


“For me this is impressive.” - “I am in there, I am in the concert hall"
“It is the reverberation and I can imagine I am there” - “I feel happy to sing in this space” “I could do this all day”

Paul Cheneour

Flautist/ Composer


“ It’s a really fascinating experience.. First of all to record myself on a green screen and to see my own performance which was interesting, and all music is spontaneous..., and then for that to be integrated into a hall i already know, it’s really delightful to see. I mean I am just so pleased to be involved with this. It’s thrilling”

Ben Russell

Vocalist and Guitarist at
Ben Russel and the Charmers


“This is the most exciting thing we have done all year. I'm imagining for example, this experiment could also be in the future.”

What we offer

New technology for a new concert experience


A new chance for venues hit by COVID-19.

We are looking to partner with "new" venues, this will be a unique opportunity to be involved in this groundbreaking project from an early stage and help ensure this technology will meet your needs and the needs of the wider performing arts sector.

Musicians and Performers

Rehearse at home - get the full on-stage experience.

Musicians and performers have been hit particularly hard by the COVID-19 crisis. This project allows you to rehearse as if you are in a number of iconic venues and to create performances to reach audiences around the world. Get in touch to find out how you can be involved in trials testing of this new technology.

Audiences around the world

Enjoy immersive experiences - in your living room.

Virtual reality has never served classical music audiences particularly well, our new technology allows us to create an immersive high quality acoustic and visual experience for audiences. Experience the performing arts from anywhere in the world from your own home as if you were there. Contact us or join our newsletter to have a chance to be a beta tester, you will need to have access to your own Oculus VR headset.

How it works

An artist's perspective

Dr. Vali Lalioti

The Innovation Consultancy

“ Musicians and performing artists are now training in home spaces, visually and acoustically poor in comparison to real venues. Their livelihoods are also in peril as live performance venues remain closed,with losses so far totalling £13.9 million. I want musicians to be able to monetise this because the creative industries are struggling so much at the momemt”

Dr. Terry Clark

Royal College of Music
Research Fellow in Performance Science

"We are very excited about the chance to develop this tool as it will provide musicians with the opportunity to practice coping with and responding to the visual and auditory features of performance spaces while still in an environment that is safe. As such, this project stands to make a significant contribution to how we teach and train musicians, in the future as well as in the current Covid-19 response.”

Dr. Lorenzo Picinali

Imperial College London
Reader in Audio Experience Design

“Imagine practising with your instrument, whether it is a piano or your own voice, and being able to choose the acoustic environment around you, and hear how your music sounds in different rooms and concert halls, all within an immersive audio-visual experience. This must be the future!”


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