Vali Lalioti, PhD, MRes in Design, MBA

Portrait of The Innovation Consultancy's founder, Vali Lalioti

The Innovation Consultancy founder and Director, Vali Lalioti has worked in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia and holds a PhD in Computer Science, an MRes in Design from the Royal College of Art and an MBA. She is a thought leader and inspirational speaker on leadership and innovation, with a solid technology and business background.

Vali is also Professor of Innovation, Design & Leadership with top-ranking, US and European business schools, an insightful coach and experienced consultant. She works with global executives, business schools and corporations and has unique experience in bridging strategy and innovation with a powerful coaching approach to accelerate growth. 

While at the BBC, Vali patented and delivered the world’s first Augmented Reality production studio.

Early on in her career, she brought cutting-edge vir­tual real­ity tech­nol­ogy to South Africa and then back to the UK – a process of translating solutions to the needs of particular continents and localities and playing to the strengths of local businesses. This process of leapfrogging technology from the developed world into the developing world, and exploring boundaries imposed by that context built her under­stand­ing and helped develop new solutions to add value to both worlds.

As a professor, while still in South Africa, she envisioned and set up a centre of advanced technology, securing €1million in funding by year three.

Back in the UK, while at the BBC, she patented and delivered the world’s first Augmented Reality production studio. As Innovation Leader, she mobilised the organisation’s production teams and senior leaders and successfully deployed a new, more efficient production process to a unit of over 3,000 staff – a transformation that was key to preparing the BBC for the digital era.

Vali is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) coach and a Fellow of Royal Society of Arts (RSA) and works with a multi-talented and eclectic team of collaborators, from inventors to innovators, designers to coaches and academics to innovation leaders, bringing together the right constellation tailored to each client’s needs.

Vali building the first Augmented Reality from patent to production, 2003

Using the first Augmented Reality studio with Peter Snow, 2003

Vali with Peter Snow explaining how the innovation works, 2003

Using the innovation outside the studio for the first time, with the BBC, 2003

Vali building the first Virtual Reality 3D Painting system, South Africa 1999

Student interacting with 3D painting system in VR with tracked stylus, 1999

Published papers and articles

Vali has published over 40 articles, abstracts and papers on subjects as diverse as Computer Science, Entertainment and Arts and Computer Graphics in peer-reviewed journals. These are available at Research Gate’s online scientific research community.

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