Our expertise

The Innovation Consultancy are a London based company with a track record of working with Fortune 500 companies and NGOs to inspire new thinking, ignite team action and deliver impact from innovation for our societies.

Why us?

We have over 20 years’ experience delivering award winning innovation with clients. We complement our hands-on experience with the latest thinking in design, blending leadership and innovation theory with a coaching and consulting approach. 

As experienced consultants, we’ve flipped the traditional consultancy model on its head: coaching your teams to become innovators themselves.

With two decades’ experience at the cutting edge of advanced new technologies, We see beyond the ‘wow factor’ of new technology, challenging ourselves and our clients to explore technology’s relevance to your business.

Key areas of expertise

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Virtual reality

Augmented reality

3D Printing

Internet of Things

Innovation thinking

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Why: Define the opportunity

We hori­zon-scan new technologies and analyse business models and inno­va­tion strate­gies which present sig­nif­i­cant strate­gic oppor­tu­ni­ties for your organisation

What: Find solutions

Our Creative ideation challenges you to disrupt your own business and our hands-on technology and innovation tools enable you to think differently and generate fresh solutions to capture opportunities for growth.

Who: Engage hearts & minds

Inno­va­tion is about peo­ple, so we coach you and your teams to tai­lor solu­tions to make best use of your skills, capabilities and resources. We improve the solu­tion by look­ing at the impact on your entire busi­ness ecosys­tem and create new business models.

How: Strengthen, select & plan

We work with you to select best solu­tions and busi­ness mod­els, artic­u­late and com­mu­ni­cate a strong busi­ness case, develop pro­to­types and plan deliv­ery, empow­er­ing you to fast-track your innovation.

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