Janssen: Revolutionising medical education

Janssen partnered with us in 2013 wanting to bring their medical materials and medical professionals education to the 21st century.

Together we delivered a library of interactive 3D books, that use virtual reality, animation and interactive iBooks to tell the story of disease and medicine. Highly specialised, full of information, incorporating academic sources and clinical trials, provide a wealth of information in visually compelling and interactive ways, incorporating active questionnaires and virtual reality animations of how disease works and the impact of medicines. The project and team was awarded the prestigious J&J Innovation Award, 2014.

We helped go from ambition, to building the business case for innovating medical education, to final prototype and delivery. We enabled cross divisional and country teams to clarify goals, work together and deliver tangible results. We did this with a bespoke programme of innovation consulting, team coaching and hands-on prototype development.