Save the Children & Coaching ripples in the world

We Coach one-to-one and teams to deliver impact through visionary leadership and team innovation.

We have been using coaching to empower leaders in Save The Children since 2014, driving their strategic vision, engaging and inspiring teams and creating efficiencies through innovative thinking.

We believe in partnering with organisations around coaching, and we feel that our contribution through coaching will enable leaders to have a ripple effect positively contributing to devoted leaders of this global NGO.

In 2015 we brought together a group of 20 senior leaders, from artists to artistic directors of some of the most prestigious Flemish cultural organisations. These were leaders and artists who have been coached over the past five years through an innovative programme, supported by and the Flemish government. Together we explored how, by aligning hearts and minds, it is possible to create impact within the broader community, within their organisations and across the cultural sector.