The Calouste-Gulbekian Foundation: Create Impact for our Oceans

The Calouste-Gulbekian Foundation brought together 12 NGOs, under the Marine ColLab umbrella to create impact that is more than its parts in communicating the Value of the Oceans.

They partnered with FoAM and The Innovation Cunsultancy to create a winning team that produced a challenging roadmap of projects and delivered their first high impact one: #OneLess a single-use, plastic-bottle free London and are currently incubating their next high impact projects.

We did this through a series of facilitated days and workshops, throughout 2015 and into 2016, that helped create a closely knitted team out of the group of senior leaders of the 12 NGOs. We worked with FoAM’s collaborative laboratory approach, to help distill the mission and a vision that focuses on the sweet spot where all their individual organisation can maximise value from working together.