The Innovation Colours™

Discover your talents and the talents of others in a fun game.

Learn how to work better together and create impact for your business and our world.

What are your Talents?

Find out with a game of discovery

Our pioneering tools based on innovation and team learning will help you find out!

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The Innovation Colours™

The powerful and flexible card game that ignites teams to explore and combine their talents, work better together and deliver results.

A set of 50 coloured cards with one talent on each and a variety of ways to play.

Combine talents to learn how to work better together, make your ideas happen and increase your impact on the world.

Why buy Innovation Colours™?

  • But our talents manifest themselves in different ways

  • And discover the talents of your team mates in a playful way

  • And work better together

What is it?

  • Each card features a word representing a talent

  • Based on the latest innovation and leadership theory

Who is it for?

  • You will discover your own innovation talents and where you naturally shine from idea to market

  • can learn to work better together to innovate and create impact for their businesses and the world

  • can become more creative and connected playing together


Includes four Colours™ games in one 

Game 1

Ready, set, GO!

A fun team-building game for positive conversations about your team’s talents

Game 2

Discover your Talents

An insightful, solo game to discover your talents and how to use them to achieve your goals

Game 3

Innovate together

A team and individual leadership development game to discover how best to use your talents to innovate

Game 4

Build Team Velocity

A team development game to open up positive conversations about how to be a highly impactful team

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