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Here’s a team you’ll never meet anywhere else. With an impressive diversity of skills, backgrounds, and experience, we are united by our fundamental belief in the power of experiential team learning delivered by the philosophy of Team Academy.

We share a powerful vision of how to drive real change, because we know what real change looks and feels like.

We create cohesion from chaos, we adopt and adapt quickly, and we accept mistakes because we know that’s how learning happens best.

Our methodology is tried and tested and we thrive on innovation.
What can we offer your organisation?

If that all sounds like a big deal – it is!

An associate team of Entrepreneurs, Communicators, Academics and Innovators from the UK, Finland, Greece, Egypt and China we help create impactful, entrepreneurial teams.

Chris Jackson

Team Coach, mentor, consultant

I’m inspired by how incremental difference creates competitive advantage and the way in which insight creates foresight. I firmly believe that organisational success lies in discovering and unleashing the potential in yourself and others, harnessing collective energies to form high-performing teams. I also think that many, business support initiatives and models are no longer fit for purpose, As such, my mission is to work with others to build communities of practice and instill a legacy of learning that equips them for the future.

I am a qualified Team Coach, having studied the Team Academy (Tiimiakatemia®) model with Akatemia CIC and now work on the innovative Team Entrepreneurship degree at Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln. I also run my own consultancy, applying Team Academy philosophy and principles in the enterprise.

After training as an electrical engineer, I have run my own enterprises since aged 22.  I sold my first service sector business in 2001 to embark on a new venture, subsequently deciding to use my experiences in ways that will enable and support others.. 

I hold a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship from Durham University Business School and I’m a Fellow of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, and the Royal Society of Arts. I am also accredited to deliver Belbin Team Role methodology.

Simply putting a number of people together and expecting them to work as a team is not enough… 

Jailan Gamal El Din

Innovation scholar, business mentor, team coach, consultant

I am an innovation scholar, international learn by doing adviser, former international head of schools, and founder of The 1st Teampreneurs Academy for Arabs in Egypt. Based in Cairo, I work with international education providers to co-create knowledge for learners in the Middle East and North Africa.

I am a qualified Team Entrepreneur Coach, having studied the Team Academy (Tiimiakatemia®) model with Akatemia, visiting 5 Universities in Europe that are implementing the Tiimiakatemia® Experiential Learning and establishing links with their counterparts in Egypt and MENA Region.

My entrepreneurial teams have won awards and international recognition/authorization; including First Prize at the StartUP Weekend Competition in Giza, Egypt 2014, IBO Authorization and Candidacy for two new schools in Egypt, Cambridge International Examinations Associate Schools’ recognition for new start up schools in Egypt and Oman. I am team coaching organisations, training start-ups and nascent entrepreneurs and SME staff members, including projects with DFID, USAID, NGOs, Charity Foundations, (recently acquired by AMAZON) ‑funded Ecommerce Entrepreneurship Program.

I have an MBA (Marketing) from the Advanced Management Institute, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport with a GPA 3.4, Education UK Counseling and Marketing Certificate with a Distinction from British Council, and Business and Management IB Diploma Internal Assessment Award from IBO.

I believe in challenging the status quo and thinking differently about the enterprise and management education in Egypt and the Mena region.

Dr Isla Kapasi

Academic, business mentor and recovering business owner

I believe in the power of teams to awaken individual potential and to realise ambitions far beyond those that were previously imaginable. I’m a qualified Team Academy coach and academic seeking to change the world through my research, teaching and connection to business.

I am a mentor for several growth firms in Scotland and enjoy supporting and developing the potential of businesses and their owners. I listen, learn, analyse and coach teams to develop paths to growth. By challenging teams to do better, I help them realise their full entrepreneurial potential.

I have a PhD in Entrepreneurship and am a Lecturer at Leeds University. Prior to developing my academic career, I was involved in public, private and third sector employment and self-employment. I’ve run several small businesses and am currently a mentor for high growth firms in Edinburgh, in partnership with Edinburgh Chambers of Commerce.

Travel, reading, running and yoga inspire me and I do them all a lot and often in combination.

Dr Vali Lalioti

Innovator, Pioneer and experienced Team Coach

I believe innovation is a team effort. The step to brilliance is made by people working together finding the spark that pulls the best from their culture, background or role into the team.

I work with most ambitious organisations globally, to make teams more innovative and deliver results: award winning innovations from pharmaceuticals to maritime sectors, like with Janssen and J&J innovation and InnovateUK awards ( My programmes, inspire new thinking, ignite action and create impact, through disruptive innovation and team action learning.

My path has led me across four continents, where I’ve changed the way industries innovate; from shipping to healthcare and global NGOs. I hold a PhD in Computer Science and an MBA. I have over 25 years’ track record of bringing innovations to market, as business leader, academic and entrepreneur, for example deploying BBC’s first Augmented Reality production in 2003, and bringing traditional African painting in Virtual Reality in 1999.

I am Director-Founder of The Innovation Consultancy and Professor of Innovation, Design and Leadership at Antwerp Management School,  educator with DUKE Business School. An experienced executive and Team Coach, accredited by ICF and the Team Academy (Tiimiakatemia®) by Akatemia CIC and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA). A Greek-born, I lived around the globe and I now reside with my family in London.

Don’t go where the path leads. Go where there is no path and leave a trail behind

Pauline Miller Judd

Educator, leader and strategic thinker

An enduring learner, I believe in fostering innovation and enterprise through developing potential in others. I am inspired by the opportunity to work with others. I live by action and learning by doing, and continually striving to help teams improve.

With 20+ years’ experience as a strategic leader in education and creative industries, I’ve led significant strategic developments, restructures and capital projects. I have worked with teams across Europe, the U.S. and the Far East to develop new initiatives and challenge existing thinking.

I began my career in the arts with strengths in developing fundraising and sustainability strategies, as well as project management.  I moved into higher education, joining Queen Margaret University College to teach arts management, becoming Head of Production & Cultural Management there, leading on learning and teaching, before moving to Edinburgh Napier University where I became Dean of School in 2015, and where I lead on developing innovation and enterprise across the institution.

I am a qualified Team Coach having studied the Team Academy (Tiimiakatemia®) model with Akatemia, have an MBA and am currently completing a DBA. I am a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).

Only by changing our thinking can we change our actions.

Dr Ainurul Rosli

Academic, researcher and team coach

I believe that not only the individual needs to live mindfully in striving for greatness; businesses also need to be mindful of lived experiences beyond their boundaries. I research in entrepreneurial co creation. I explore how entrepreneurial teams co create value. I am a team coach for young entrepreneurs and I enjoy supporting and developing the potential of these striving individuals.

I am part of Team Academy (Tiimiakatemia®) and Senior Lecturer at the University of Westminster, where I teach strategy, innovation and entrepreneurship at undergraduate and postgraduate level, co-director of the MSc Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Enterprise Development at University of Westminster.

My area of specialisation on entrepreneurship, inter-firm collaboration, innovation strategy and knowledge exchange enables me to be part of fantastic organisations that embrace collaboration and co-creation to support their open innovation initiatives.

I’ve won several awards, including competitive research grants from British Academy/Leverhulme Small Grant Award and British Academy of Management (BAM) with my colleagues to research knowledge co-creation, and to broaden the evidence base on knowledge transfer partnerships (KTPs) in the social sciences. I have a PhD in Business Management (Innovation) from Birkbeck, University of London, an MSc in Operational Research from London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and a Bachelor in Financial Engineering (Hons) from Multimedia University, Malaysia.

We must all aim to create value beyond intended outcomes to include societal and environmental impact.

Kate Saunders

Producer, writer and team coach

I work with teams using the arts as a tool for social change. After studying film, I edited with the BBC and Channel 4 before moving into producing multi-media material for the non-profit sector, educational, and humanitarian work as a Producer.

In 2012 I spotted an opportunity with Team Academy (Tiimiakatemia®) whilst producing a film for Aketemia CIC. I witnessed the journey these teams made together. I saw there was another way to be an effective team. The results prove their robust, emotionally intelligent methodology works.

Inter-dependent learning supported both team, and personal, resilience along the way.  I began training with Aketemia as a Team Coach.

Intrinsic to my success has been my ability to identify talent, build relationships and foster collaboration along with strong vision, creativity and management skills.

I have a Bachelor of Humanities Degree in Film and Communication from Goldsmiths College, London University and a Diploma in Stage Management from The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). I worked as Honorary Advisor with a digital humanitarian organisation and continue to work as an Associate Producer with The Engine Room – a charitable media production company.

I have brought up two sons and won awards for the South West Screen Convergence Fund and British Educational Communications and have been screened internationally. I am member of WFTV (Women in Film and TV) and the European Documentary Network.

Be the change you wish to see in the world

Sonja Uotila

Team entrepreneur, problem solver, improving the world 

I love working on projects with an ecological or sustainability aspect and I’m currently working on my own startup – an ecological fashion label in Finland. My vision is to create solidarity and a safer, more sustainable and fun world.

I like to think myself as a wild card who doesn’t fit in with norms but who constantly seeks ways to see the world from a new angle. I live in Finland and this country with its green forest and clean blue lakes inspires my thoughts and continually motivates me with its beauty.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in team entrepreneurship and leadership from the first Team Academy University in Finland and a vocational qualification in Finance and Accounting. I’ve worked in many companies in various positions before becoming an entrepreneur.

I listen and sense people and the world around me and work on different kind of projects involving great people and companies.

Wendy Wu

Educator, business developer and coach for entrepreneurs

Born and bred by the banks of the Yangtze River (China), I am an entrepreneur turned doctoral researcher. Specialising as a coach, with a passion for blending social, ethical values into business practices, I work as an Incubator Manager for Edinburgh Napier University.

Inspired and empowered by the Team Academy approach, I am determined to grow cross-cultural leaders, blending both good practice and wisdom from the east and west.

Based in the UK for 17 years, I’ve worked both at operational and strategic levels. I was Programme Manager for a multi-million-pound partnership educational programme in the Lothian area, funded by the European Social Fund. I was also Education Officer for the Scottish Arts Council (now Creative Scotland) and CEO of London-based international charity Mother’s Bridge of Love.

My doctoral research with the Business School of University of Edinburgh focuses on exploring various venture philanthropy funding models by Scottish funders from institutional perspectives.

Together, we wonder; together we grow and heal; together we create; together we believe we can do, we do and we do better for ourselves, for our society and our world.

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